Common Texting Mistakes

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Malaysia, Pahang, Kuantan - Mar 2016_25828714811_lTexting is a great way to flirt with the person that you are interested in. It is also a fun way to get to know each other. While texting can help you get closer to the person that you are interested in, it can also ruin what you are working for. There are a few texting mistakes which you should avoid, if you want the relationship to move forward.

Mistake #1 Obsessively Texting

Texting someone constantly is a bad idea. It will make the person you are texting, think that you have nothing else going on in your life. Most people think that obsessively texting will show the other person that they care. It will do the exact opposite. It will make you come off as clingy and needy. Nobody wants to be with a person like that.

Mistake #2 Don’t Make Yourself Too Available

If you make yourself too available in texts, you can look a bit pathetic and desperate. You should let the other person be the one to send the first text of the day once in a while. No matter how difficult it is to wait for the text, it is in your best interest to do so. When you get texts, you should wait a few minutes to reply. If you respond within seconds of them sending the text, it will look like you were staring at the phone waiting. This will also come off as pathetic and desperate as well.

Mistake #3 Not Conveying True Emotion

When you are having a text conversation, it is difficult to convey the true emotion behind what you are saying. The best way to let the recipient of your texts know exactly what you mean, you should use “lol” so they know that you are joking, You can also use “jk” (just kidding). You can also use emoticons to show your meaning behind the text. You do not want to say something when you are joking, and they think you are being serious.

Mistake #4 Sexually Explicit Texts

Unless you are completely sure that they are welcomed, you should avoid sending sexually explicit texts. When you do so, the person that you are texting can feel uncomfortable, or feel that you are only looking for one thing. Sexually explicit texts include talking dirty and naked photos.

Mistake #5 Overreacting When You Don’t Get a Reply

When you text someone, and they do not text you right back, you need to be patient. If you keep texting over and over again, asking why they are not responding, it can make you look like a desperate crazy person. It is even worse if you send angry texts. This can scare the person you are texting away. There are several reasons that your love interest is not responding to your text. Their phone could be dead, they could be sleeping, or they could be doing something which is preventing them from checking their phone. The best thing that you can do in this case, is to be patient. You will get the reply that you are looking for all in good time.

A simple text message can make or break a blossoming relationship. If you avoid the above 5 most common texting mistakes, your relationship has a chance.

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