How Does Astrology Affect Love?

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Backlight_25712603501_lResearch suggests that millions of Americans read their horoscopes each and every morning; it is always fascinating to read about the interesting things the future may hold for you! Astrology is well known to forecast your money, career and your love life. Regarding your love life, astrology relies on moon signs to figure out your relationships and compatibility. They are categorized in to four different groups, each of them associated to an element: earth, water, air and fire.

There are two laws all the astrologers follow when figuring out the compatibility between people; the first law states that moon signs in the same element are very compatible with each other. For example, Aries and Leo being in the same moon sign (fire) are likely to connect with each other. The second law suggests that each element has one other element it gets along with. Earth signs and water signs are known to get along with each other, for example.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The fire sign of love, if you belong here, you crave for passionate individuals. Always appreciating the thrill of a chase, you love living life to its fullest. You seek an adventurous partner, who is willing to exceed your expectations and live up to your challenges because it’s all about a spontaneous life!

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The earth sign moons demand stability in a long-lasting relationship. You are looking for a partner who is reliable and proves it with romantic gestures. In terms of daily routines and rituals, you are fond of planning ahead and always prefer to do so, instead of adding any spontaneity to your life.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The air sign barely express any emotion. It is hard to figure out your emotional side. Therefore, bonding emotionally with someone from this sign can prove to be quite difficult. They possess the qualities of social butterflies but lack empathy; it is best to keep it light, casual and fun with a mate from the air sign moon!

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Romance is second nature to people from the water signs. You require affectionate partners who can be as emotionally expressive as you; you let yourself go as you fully showcase your feelings in different situations and this is what makes you are brutally honest. People usually feel comfortable to share their opinions with the water signs and this results in them getting along with everyone. As an old school romantic, you desire passionate love!

As the descriptions suggest, each moon is destined to represent your emotional nature and understand your behavior in different scenarios. The reason why astrology works is the position of the planets and stars, at your time of birth, lay out a map of your life. This also makes people feel better due to the placebo effect, which has been scientifically verified. Astrology allows you to be hopeful of the future and this might affect your love life.

Each element defines fairly different attributes for the signs and this complicates people to believing what is right for them. Astrologers all agree on different signs that get along with each other and those that don’t. For example, you may be from a water sign and your potential partner holds a moon in the fire sign. These two signs don’t get along too well, according to astrology, and this may force you to make quick decisions about your future with your partner. Astrology uses scientific methods that are carefully calculated to find out your behavioral patterns and other details that affect not only your love, but other aspects of your life as well.

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